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Moving with Pets .:

 Moving with pets can be extra stressful for you and your pets too. When it comes to moving with pets, you'll have to plan ahead. Pets, just like us, are very sensitive to changes. Moving companies will not move your pets so if you plan to move with your pets, they will be your responsibility. Here are some pet moving tips to make the relocation easier, both for you and your pets:

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Regular routines

  Keep your pets' routines (feeding, exercise, and play-time) as regular as possible. During the move itself, you may want to leave your pet at a friend's house. That way you won't have to worry about the pet getting in your way, or worse, running away.  


  Before the move, take your pet to the veterinarian for a thorough physical exam. If your cat or dog is on any medication, be sure that you have enough for the first period of settling in your new home. Don't forget to take with you copies of your pets' records; it'll make things much easier for the new veterinarian at the new location. To find a new veterinarian near your new home you can call the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) at (800) 883-6301.  

States law on moving with pets

   Since the laws and regulations regarding the importation of animals defer from one another, check with a veterinarian in the new area to be sure your pet complies. Make sure to check with a veterinarian few weeks in advance since the process involves paperwork.  

Moving your pets by plane

   Try to book a direct flight to minimize the time the animal may be sitting outside the plane in inclement weather conditions. Some airlines provide counter-to-counter service so your pet will be carried on and off the plane by an airline employee. This service costs a little more, but it may be worth it for your pet's health and your peace of mind.  

Moving pets in the car

   Avoid feeding or giving your pets water for several hours before your drive. Try to be attentive to your pets' well-being. Make a stop if you see that the pet is uncomfortable. Be ready to make frequent stops for feeding and resting. Plan on feeding your pets either once daily or a couple of small meals during rest stops. Never leave your pets in the car alone. It is against the law. but if you must, remember to open the windows and to lock the doors. Do not leave your pet alone in the car for too long.

Moving with Cats

      Since cats tend to become more attached to their environment rather than to people, moving with cats will be harder on them. When relocating with a cat, you must prepare in advance. Show your cat plenty of attention and constantly reassure it with familiar items and scents so the move does not come as a shock.

  Since cats are not familiar with traveling in cars as dogs are try to take your cat on short trips around the neighborhood and then slowly increase the distance.
If your cat is present during the move, confine it in its favorite room along with its favorite bed and toys. That way you reduce the chance of your cat running away or getting lost in one of the boxes.
  At the new home, provide your cat with a comfortable living space. Limit the cats' explorations to just the new house and then gradually accompany it on tours outside. Confining the cat may seem a bit cruel, but cats are more likely to run back to the old house, no matter the distance. It might take a month till the cat feels comfortable in the new home and becomes familiar with its scents and noises.

Moving with Dogs

      Unlike cats who prefer the routine, dogs may welcome a change in the environment. In addition, dogs become more attached to their owners as opposed to their environment. Therefore moving with a dog is much easier than moving with a cat. Most likely, your dog has become accustomed to riding in a car and being on a leash. But it is recommended that you further condition your dog for longer car rides. Drive with him around the neighborhood a few times.

 Since dogs, just like cats, may become a bit upset on moving day when they see all of the unusual activity, you should confine the dog in its favorite room along with its favorite blanket and toys.

  After the move, take your dog for a walk immediately. Help your dog become familiar with the new neighborhood. Let it sniff around and mark its territory. Because dogs develop strong relationships with their owners, they're less likely to run away. In the new home - Provide a comfortable sleeping area for the dog and try to keep a familiar routine of walks and meals. Dogs must go outside everyday. Teach them their limits as far as streets and traffic are concerned. If you are moving from suburbs to the city, be prepared for a transition in housebreaking, your dog will have to get used to relieving itself on the pavement and near fire hydrants and poles.


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