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Military Boat Move Guide.: Boat Shipping Quotes

This pamphlet is to assist military members in planning the movement of boats. Civilian employees DO NOT have an entitlement to move a boat at government expense.
Boat movements at government expense almost always result in excess cost. Our records show excess cost for boat shipments in fiscal year 1996 ranged from $65 to over $4,100 with most cases in excess of $1,100. Through careful planning, excess cost may be reduced in some cases and eliminated in others.
Most members are not well informed on the movement of boats in government shipments. The belief that all related costs were authorized when the shipping entitlement was added to the Joint Federal Travel Regulation (JFTR) IS NOT CORRECT. The JFTR authorizes movement of a boat, up to a cost not to exceed the amount to move the same weight of household goods. This sounds quite simple enough; however, most boats move under a one-time-only (OTO) rate at commercial rates. These rates usually exceed the rates to move a like weight of household goods. When this happens, excess cost is incurred. Please review the following information before you arrange for shipment of your boat at government expense.
CONSIDER A DITY MOVE: If you are moving your boat within the continental United States (CONUS) or between the CONUS and Alaska, consider making a Do-It-Yourself (DITY) move (at least for the boat). Your branch of service will pay you an incentive of 80% of what it would have cost the government to move the same property (up to the amount of weight remaining on your entitlement), less actual expenses and applicable taxes. The incentive is based on actual weight moved, not to exceed your maximum weight allowance. This program allows you to move the boat at government expense and possibly make money for doing it.
MAKE YOUR OWN ARRANGEMENTS: If you are moving to or from an area where DITY moves are not allowed or choose not to make one, consider making your own arrangements with a commercial boat hauler. You are authorized reimbursement, not to exceed what the government would have paid to move the same weight of household goods. CONTACT THE TRANSPORTATION OFFICE FOR GUIDANCE BEFORE MAKING YOUR OWN ARRANGEMENTS. In all cases reviewed so far, members have avoided excess cost by making their own arrangements. A member who paid $9,000 for including his boat in a government shipment could have avoided the bill completely by selecting this option. He could have arranged movement for only $3,500 and received reimbursement from your branch of service. NOTE: As with DITY moves, you must have weight remaining on your entitlement to receive reimbursement.
BECOME FAMILIAR WITH PROCEDURES AND COST: If you decide to move your boat in a government shipment, you should know how it moves and at what cost. Moves within the CONUS or between CONUS and Alaska are considered domestic, all other destinations are international. Boats, moving domestically, are divided into two categories:
Boats, canoes, skiffs, and kayaks less than 14 feet long and dinghies or sculls of any size without trailers may be shipped as household goods at the regular rate. You are responsible for any special crating or materials needed to move the boat.
Boats 14 feet and longer and boats under 14 feet with a trailer may move under a domestic OTO rate negotiated by the Military Traffic Management Command (MTMC) with either a tow away service or a commercial boat hauler. These shipments ALWAYS result in excess cost. Shipment under the DITY program is highly recommended for boats and/or trailers in this category.
!!!CAUTION!!! - Boats over 14 feet shipped along with your property by a household goods carrier cause the entire shipment to move at substantially higher rates, resulting in extremely high excess cost to you. There are two categories for boats moving internationally:
If the boat and/or trailer will fit in a standard overseas container and is accepted by the carrier, it may move at the normal single factor household goods rate. (Only smaller boats meet this requirement.)
All other boats are moved under an international OTO boat rate negotiated by MTMC. It is important to note that if household goods are shipped at the same time, they will also move at the OTO rate. International OTO boat shipments ALWAYS result in excess cost. If you are shipping a boat internationally, we STRONGLY recommend making your own arrangements (see item b).
BEWARE OF FACTORS WHICH INCREASE EXCESS COST: You, the member, are responsible for all additional accessorial costs related to the movement of a boat and/or trailer. Additional accessorial costs include, but are not limited to: tire replacement, tire repair, packing wheel bearings, structural repairs to the trailer, lift on or lift off services of a commercial boat hauler, and all special packing, crating, and handling. Also remember, if the household goods and boat move together at a rate higher than the normal household goods rate (as in the case of shipments moving under international OTO boat rates), the increased cost of moving the household goods is borne by the member.
STORAGE OF YOUR BOAT: Generally, the weight of the boat and cost increases discussed for transportation also apply to storage of boats. Most nontemporary storage contractors will not accept boats for storage. When accepted, the weight of the boat is considered part of the net weight of your shipment and counts against your allowance. We highly recommend that you make your own arrangements for storage of boats with a commercial company and file for reimbursement after withdrawal. Reimbursement is limited to actual expenses, not to exceed what the government would have paid to store a like weight of household goods. You must also have weight remaining on your entitlement. Water storage of boats at government expense is not authorized.
PLAN AHEAD: Ask the TRANSPORTATION OFFICE to compute your excess cost prior to the pickup date. Upon receipt of the one time only rate, the TRANSPORTATION OFFICE can do a cost comparison and tell you the approximate excess cost. Use this figure for planning purposes only. You are liable for the actual excess cost (which may be higher), regardless of an estimate received from Transportation office or the movers.
LISTEN CAREFULLY AND ASK QUESTIONS: Listen carefully to your Transportation office counselor. One of the most common statements in rebuttal letters is "I was never told," yet signed documentation reflects differently. Entitlements are constantly changing, so please do not rely on previous counseling sessions or personal experiences. Ask questions, no matter how insignificant they may seem. Correcting deficiencies or problems after the fact is extremely difficult and, in many cases, not possible.
HOW CAN I APPEAL AN EXCESS COST BILL? If you receive a DD Form 139 (Pay Adjustment Authorization), contact the Transportation office BEFORE you agree to pay the debt. You have four (4) avenues of appeal:
REBUTTAL: Your first avenue in submitting a rebuttal to the applicable adjudication function through your local Transportation office. You must state the reasons why you wish to dispute the debt.
REMISSION: Active duty enlisted members may file for remission of indebtedness through Accounting and Finance. Only the uncollected portion of a debt can be considered for remission.
BOARD FOR CORRECTION OF MILITARY RECORDS: If you feel an injustice exists, your next step is a review by the Board for Correction of Military Records. Process a DD Form 149 (Application for Correction of Military Records) through the Military Personnel Center. Responses to your rebuttal and remission must accompany this application.
GENERAL ACCOUNTING OFFICE: Your final avenue is to the General Accounting Office. This request is processed through the Accounting and Finance Office.
It may take anywhere from 6 months to 2 years before you receive notification of indebtedness for exceeding your entitlements. This delay is due to carrier billing procedures and the gathering of information worldwide by finance. Do not hesitate to use the above appeal process, and remember, you may use an avenue more than once if all of your information was not considered. Hold on to your shipping documents!

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