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Frequently Asked Affiliate Questions .: Join Our FREE Affiliate Program

Why should I sign up?

You get the following benefits when you join the Mover MAX Affiliate program:

  • For every click, you earn 3¢, and earn $3 for every legitimate lead submitted through our system.

  • Get monthly commission checks.

  • Access detailed online tracking and reporting tools to check on your site's performance.

  • It's all FREE. There is no cost to join the the Mover MAX FREE Affiliate program, and you can discontinue your participation at any time.

Are there any hidden costs? What's the catch?

There is absolutely NO COST for you to become a Moving Company Affiliate Member. There is no catch.

How much is my commission?

Qualifying leads earn a commission of $3 for each customer.

When are my commissions paid?

Payments are made at the end of each month for the preceding month. Payments are made only when your balance exceeds $50. If you balance for the month is less than $50, your commissions will accumulate and be added with the next month's commissions.

When do I start earning commissions?

Immediately. You start earning commission as soon as your links are up and the first click or lead is brought through these links.

How long does it take to hear back from you once I sign up?

We try to reply to all applications within 48-72 hours. However, please be patient - we take the time to visit every applicant web site to make sure that it meets our standards.

I have my own personal web site, can I apply?

Sure! We allow both companies and individuals to become Movers MAX Affiliates.

Does my web site have to be moving-related?

No. Our program is a good fit for moving-related web sites, but other sites can certainly link to Mover MAX and make money too.

Can a web site based outside the United States become a Mover MAX Affiliates?

Sorry, at this time Mover MAX cannot accept Affiliates from countries other than the United States.

How do I link to Mover MAX?

Once you sign-up for the Mover MAX program and are approved, you will be given special URLs and graphics that allow you to link to our main page. There are both text links or banner links. Currently most links are directly to the Mover MAX home page.

How does Mover MAX know how much traffic is coming from my site?

Your links will contain a unique tag that represents your site. When a visitor uses one of your links to browse Mover MAX, the tag is stored and when that visitor submits a unique quote request, the tag is passed to our affiliates database and credits the lead to your account.

How many links can I have to Mover MAX?

You can have as many links to Mover MAX as you want. Remember - the more leads you drive to the Mover MAX site, the more commission you will make! The only requirement is that you set up the links using the banners and links we give you when you sign up.

How old do I have to be to participate in the program?

You must be 18 years or older to participate in the Mover MAX Affiliate program.

Can I download product or other images from Mover MAX and use them on my web site?

No. All images, product photography and text is the exclusive property of Mover MAX, Inc. and cannot be used without our express written permission. Please use only approved artwork from our Logos, Banner and Artwork page.

To sign-up, select the button below to read the Terms & Conditions, then proceed to complete your application!


.: Join Our FREE Affiliate Program

FREE Affiliate Program Questions
FREE Affiliate Program Questions
Join Our FREE Affiliate Program
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Join Our FREE Affiliate Program
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Join Our FREE Affiliate Program .::. The web's #1 source for moving and relocation .::. The web's #1 source for moving and relocation .::. The web's #1 source for moving and .::. The web's #1 source for moving and relocation
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